Thursday, March 1, 2012

Study...Exam Monday! Review Materials here!

Study:  magnetism TGT game  Electricity TGT game  Review your notes, the textbook, your homework problems and answers, this blog, and have your equation card with the equations for Power and Ohm's law handy.

Tuesday we worked with the right hand rule and got compasses to match our predictions (hopefully), as well as finished notes on magnetism.
Wednesday and Thursday classes had time to make and play with electromagnets, and then manipulate them in an investigation: Electromagnet Experimentation Lab  (due Wed.)

Monday we will have our exam; it will probably be all multiple choice as I will be taking many of the free-response questions and adding them to a small magnetism quiz for a week later.  Tuesday and Wednesday we will be using magnets more, so be sure to bring them to class!!!!  Tuesday we'll start a magnetic field lab (you will enjoy - it's fun!) and Wednesday be sure to bring a quarter to class if you haven't purchased a disc magnet from me - we'll be making your magnet into a motor with just a couple more parts, all of which you can take home and show your folks/friends with a spare battery lying around the house.  Very fun stuff.

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