Thursday, January 22, 2015

Links for Thursday

Simulation activities to try:

My Solar System This awesome one that Hope B. suggested.
Thanks Hope!

Build Your Own Star - Thanks to Michael C. for suggesting this one - see if you can figure out to make a black hole!

Relative sizes of astronomical bodies Here's a great video showing relative sizes of objects in our solar system and space that Morgan S. suggested.
Thanks Morgan!

ISS on Twitter: @ISS_Research
Astronomy Reading and writing Optional Assignment: can be done in class today or turned in by Friday, 1/30.
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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

HMWK now due Thursday, and Friday

Due Thursday:   Read p. 823-829
Sorry - somehow I forgot to post this last week.

Also, notes from last week:
star types

For this short week:
HMWK assigned; skim p. 190-195 (as many people didn't apparently read it before when it was assigned in December).  Also, READ p. 196-207 and p. 207#1-6 are due Friday

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Quiz Friday, HMWK due Tuesday, Practice W/S

Quiz Friday!  Topics will be waves - terminology, concepts of color and visible/IR/UV light,  math with speed and wavelength/frequency, AND the SUN - see notes from earlier this week to study.

Video from class today:  Fun Science: STARS

Here is a webpage with some good sample problems

This is the worksheet we did in class today
Answers are on page 3 of the link.

Notes from Friday: Tides and Gravity

HMWK Due Tuesday:  Read p. 818-822, 
p. 820# 1,2

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Optional Assignment: Blackbody Radiation

I know just a few of you did this last semester so I'm opening it up to the rest of the students:
Blackbody Radiation optional assignment; due Jan 21
We're running a bit behind schedule - just getting to notes on Our Sun today as math problems took longer than anticipated.

Monday, January 5, 2015

HMWK due Wednesday

HMWK due Wednesday, 1/7:
Write a 1-2 paragraph DETAILED, non-plagiarized explanation of why we experience SEASONS on Earth.
Tuesday we'll have a demonstration of changing amplitude and frequency of (audio) waves and more problems involving light speed, plus notes about the Sun (see previous post)

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Semester 2 - Day one

Monday you'll get to look over your SM1 final exams, and take the free response home with you.
Those people who have worked on the last optional assignment(s) may turn them in until Tuesday.
-We will be finding new seats on Tuesday; be prepared to find a new place to sit as well as (new) people you haven't sat next to ALL YEAR so far.
-A new electronics policy will go into effect; digital device drop spots will appear on the desks this week.
To be able to use BYOD within my classroom,:
BYOD device use must be atop your table (not in your lap..)
Devices must be in Airplane mode.  (wifi may be enabled afterward if your educational use warrants it)
and finally,
Devices must be used for educational purposes only.  This one isn't new, but I'm going to enforce it strictly this semester as I feel many of you were hindered by distraction last semester and I failed to enforce as I should have.
Use of electronic devices for texting/games/facebook/snapchat/twitter, etc. anytime in the bell-bell class period will result in an automatic detention.
1st offense:  lunch detention
2nd offense: after school 1 hour detention with me and discussion with your parents about your future - being responsible for your education/bright future OR plans for you to live in their basement/on their sofa for your adult life.
-We'll also address notes differently this semester; I put all of the notes from class online; usually a day in advance, as an aid for anyone who can't keep up.  I will be increasing the content delivered in notes, but since we don't have additional days in the school year, I won't be able to wait for the slowest folks to copy down every word pasted on the screen.  Feel free to keep summary notes of what is said/discussed, problems, etc. and add in anything you miss from slideshows, etc. on your own time from the webpage.

We will resume our study of Astronomy, starting with a recap of light speed and wave length, frequency, and speed with a few problems.  Expect to be quizzed over these on Friday.

If skies are clear we may get the chance to sneak outside a couple of times this week to observe the sun and track its sunspots.  If not, we'll use NASA's SOHO page

Notes on Our Sun here and here (they may be updated Monday afternoon)