Friday, April 17, 2015

Friday, 4.16

Today in class:
Opportunity to buy an A in this course using rice; details in class.

a few questions were added to the review sheet

Also good to review are the answers to the meteorology packet questions; these were all reviewed in detail after they were graded to make sure you could correct your answers.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Meteorology Test postponed to Monday

Climate change notes today

And for 5th period, prompts following today's reading that you should be able to find evidence of in the article(s) about VORTEX:
1. How are tornadoes predicted in advance?
2. How much warning is possible before a tornado forms completely?  (assuming best case scenario)
3. What are some limitations to studying tornadoes?
4. What things that we learned in class are also in the article (vocabulary, concepts, etc.)
5. What words were new that you think you can piece together to figure out?
6. Interesting/weird stuff you read about
7. Assuming 1mph = approx 2 km/h, about how fast are the wind speeds in a tornado (in MPH)?

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Meteorology Practice Quiz

meteorology worksheets turned in.
We made some predictions (our own forecast) of wind and temperatures using this map, then checked against actual data.
We did a self quiz (see below)
We prepared for tomorrow (or next class's) Specific Heat Lab.
Tomorrow we'll have a lab on Specific Heat; you'll try to figure out a way to compare two objects' specific heats:  Specific Heat describes how easy it is to heat up or cool down a certain material.

Next week we'll be having an exam over Meteorology!  Begin studying now.
Vocabulary from the chapter.

chapter reviews, red and blue sections.  (see teacher's edition for answers!)

Self-quiz  (we looked at a few of these questions in class today)

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Bonus Points Wednesday, HMWK for Thursday

Bonus points (a rare occurrence) available for helping out with the Fox Elementary Science Club this Wednesday.
Meet at FHS rm 312 at 3:15, and leave FES at 4:45.
at least one missing homework's value in bonus points will be awarded for helping little ones build flasher LED circuits and sailboat-cars.

HMWK due Thursday:
Read p. 518-522.
p. 522#1-7