Friday, November 21, 2014

Astronomy! Mon,Tues HMWK

HMWK due Monday:
Come up with a way to disprove me on the following two statements... and you must use evidence that a person 100 years ago (before rockets or satellites) could have used.

1. The Earth is FLAT.

2. The Sun, Moon, planets, and stars all revolve about Earth.


HMWK due Tuesday:
Read p. 218-229, 
p.222#1-6, and p. 229#1-7

Also on Tuesday you have your chance to present your research on "The Physics of: _________" to the class - our latest optional assignment.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Week of 11/10

Monday: Notes: Thermal E (more), Food E, and Nuclear Fission/Fusion
Time to work on quiz/hmwk worksheet - due Tuesday  (see link from last week)
Discuss/help on answers to worksheet

Tuesday:  Doing work on/by a gas or air - changing temperature as a result, and ways this is manipulated (Air conditioning, refrigeration)
Here's a cool video on it  (link will work through wed I believe)

Wednesday:  Notes/Demonstrations: POWER
We'll do some hands-on measurement of work, GPE, and Power after we move through the notes.
HMWK Assigned (Due Friday)  READ p. 272-277, p.277#3-7

Thursday:  Notes: Thermodynamics
Re-do Wednesday's experiment (work = work) using a ramp or lifting a wheeled cart straight up... with Friction this time, and apply percent efficiency and thermodynamic rules to the explanation of why the work done when using a ramp is different from the work done in simply lifting an object.

New optional assignment:  The Physics Of: __________   
The next time you come up with an interesting question about how/why/if something works, research the physics behind it and present your findings to class!  If you think your idea is too wild or not related to Physics, the answer is NO!  If you're looking for a question to research; I can help give you ideas.
Presentations may be any format; more points based on the best understanding/explanation/research of the phenomena.
Present on Tuesday, Nov 25.

Friday:  Thermodynamics and populations - graphing exercise, POWER demonstrations and measurements - Fun!  Introduction to machines/demonstrations.
HMWK Assigned:  Read p. 160-165, p. 165#1-7 (Due Tuesday)

Monday: Power demonstrations/calculations, start Notes on Machines

Tuesday: Practice problems for exam (some classes)
Review materials available:
Energy Review Quiz
gpe/ke calculations
GPE - KE conversion task
Reading guide / STUDY GUIDE
E conservation problems

Wednesday: Levers Lab

Thursday: Review - Work, Energy, Thermodynamics, Machines

Friday: Test!

Monday/Tuesday before Thanksgiving:  Begin ASTRONOMY!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

HMWK due MONDAY and Tuesday, This week's activities

Monday:  GPE and KE review WS plus we went over answers to homework that was turned in and made corrections.

Tuesday: No school

Wednesday:  GPE - KE conservation challenge problem and calculated conservation of momentum in a fun ball bounce demonstration - one to try out at home too!

Thursday:  Lab activity:  Marble GPE - KE - Thermal E

HMWK Due Friday Now due Monday since I didn't post it correctly online!  (most people turned in Friday)
Read p. 154-159

Friday: Finish Marble GPE - KE - Thermal E lab and graphing activity

Quiz is to be handed out and converted to HMWK - DUE TUESDAY

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Energy - Week of 10/27, new OPTIONAL ASSIGNMENT: Energy skate park

Optional Assignment: Energy Skate Park
Due no later than Monday, November 10th

Monday: Energy transformations:  Friction converts KE to Thermal E... What is Thermal E?  (demonstrations, notes: Work)
Answers to homework that was turned in last Wednesday - GPE and KE problems.
Drinking Bird (mystery energy input) on display.
HMWK:  Using the E types from your notes, create an E flow-chart of source - final ending place of Energy for:
(regular lightbulb = in-class example that will parallel the marble and gasoline examples we did last week)
1. You!  Diagram the types of E and what is holding them
2. Another item (something unique) that you experience an energy transformation with.
Due Wednesday

Tuesday:  Study Skills Workshop!  Slideshow/Notes here
Since we had several people who struggled on the latest test and had tried pretty hard to study for it, I want to make sure you guys know some study techniques to utilize.

Wednesday:  "Cut Short" Pendulum Lab

Thursday:  Video: Understanding Car Crashes:  It's Basic Physics 


Monday, October 20, 2014

Week of 10-20 - Energy! HMWK for Wed, 50% solar eclipse Thurs 4:45pm-sunset

Monday: Exam: Newton's laws and Momentum

Homework due Wednesday:
READ p. 128-133. 

Tuesday:  notes: Energy and practice calculations, discussion of the energy unit, Newton x meter, or the Joule.

Wednesday:  Energy forms and transformations, plus Discuss solar eclipse on Thursday and safe ways to view it  (we will have special glasses and telescopes projecting the sun's image at the Fox Football stadium Thursday 4:45-5:45ish

HMWK:  Catch Thursday's eclipse and start thinking about how energy transfers in everything you see!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Week of 10-13. Test Monday!!!

HMWK due Tuesday:  Read p. 104-117, p.111#2-8, 117#1-6

Monday:  Finish notes/Discussion on Momentum Conservation.  Demonstrations: Free fall with and without air resistance (vacuum tube), center of gravity, moment of inertia (rotational inertia)
Rotational Inertia = spinning objects have momentum too, and an object with mass farther from its center has more momentum, and requires more force to accelerate to the same (spinning) speed.
Ice skater trick; conservation of angular momentum of spinning object.
smarter every day video involving this topic
Cat's manipulation of angular momentum video
Space Cats
Visit if you want to get notifications of ISS flyovers.

Tuesday:  Ranking Tasks - topic of conservation of Momentum.  Not too popular.
Annonced Test - Monday 10/20: Newton's Laws
Optional assignment: Forces in 1D is due this Friday.  (it was posted a couple of weeks ago)
Some classes discussed relationship between momentum change and Force*time.
Seating chart change Wednesday: First come, first serve, must change to a new table as well as get new neighbors.
Hand back review W/S.  Remember to check your answers here.

Wednesday: Answers to Tuesday's HMWK.  Momentum Conservation demonstrations.  Practice problems.  Discuss Force * Time relationship, and another egg-celent demonstration.


Friday: T/G/T Review Game - competitive game for bonus points.