Monday, October 20, 2014

Week of 10-20 - Energy! HMWK for Wed, 50% solar eclipse Thurs 4:45pm-sunset

Monday: Exam: Newton's laws and Momentum

Homework due Wednesday:
READ p. 128-133. 

Tuesday:  notes: Energy and practice calculations, discussion of the energy unit, Newton x meter, or the Joule.

Wednesday:  Energy forms and transformations, plus Discuss solar eclipse on Thursday and safe ways to view it  (we will have special glasses and telescopes projecting the sun's image at the Fox Football stadium Thursday 4:45-5:45ish

HMWK:  Catch Thursday's eclipse and start thinking about how energy transfers in everything you see!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Week of 10-13. Test Monday!!!

HMWK due Tuesday:  Read p. 104-117, p.111#2-8, 117#1-6

Monday:  Finish notes/Discussion on Momentum Conservation.  Demonstrations: Free fall with and without air resistance (vacuum tube), center of gravity, moment of inertia (rotational inertia)
Rotational Inertia = spinning objects have momentum too, and an object with mass farther from its center has more momentum, and requires more force to accelerate to the same (spinning) speed.
Ice skater trick; conservation of angular momentum of spinning object.
smarter every day video involving this topic
Cat's manipulation of angular momentum video
Space Cats
Visit if you want to get notifications of ISS flyovers.

Tuesday:  Ranking Tasks - topic of conservation of Momentum.  Not too popular.
Annonced Test - Monday 10/20: Newton's Laws
Optional assignment: Forces in 1D is due this Friday.  (it was posted a couple of weeks ago)
Some classes discussed relationship between momentum change and Force*time.
Seating chart change Wednesday: First come, first serve, must change to a new table as well as get new neighbors.
Hand back review W/S.  Remember to check your answers here.

Wednesday: Answers to Tuesday's HMWK.  Momentum Conservation demonstrations.  Practice problems.  Discuss Force * Time relationship, and another egg-celent demonstration.


Friday: T/G/T Review Game - competitive game for bonus points.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Week of 10-6

Homework due this Friday: Review Run-On Paragraph
If you want to check your answers, I have hidden the link to the answer key within this unit's optional assignment worksheet (posted a couple of weeks ago - Forces in 1D) Don't look until you have finished trying all the questions!!!
Monday:  review of Newton's 2nd law and applications... what if mass or net force are doubled, effect on acceleration, etc.  We also had a whole-class demonstration of inertia and direction of net force required to make something accelerate through a curve; accelerating a bowling ball in the hallway with a "force stick" and saw some other centripetal acceleration demos.

Tuesday:  Acceleration Races, , answers to homework that was just turned in, and discussion of Tuesday's lunar eclipse (look to the Western horizon when you wake up... visibility will be good until about 6:30ishAM.
(flyers in class for lunar (10/8) and solar eclipse (10/23) data and astronomy club will meet near the football field for both)
Review run-on paragraph worksheet handed out (link above)
Wednesday:  Newton's 3rd law and Momentum - notes, demonstrations, practice problems.   Newton's 3rd law notes
Answers/explanations to some of our inertia demonstrations and an answer to how much gravitational field the International Space Station is subject to at its altitude... remember, they aren't in zero gravity really.... but they don't feel it because they're falling.... (around) Earth.  Video clip of ISS:

Thursday: video clips to support force concepts from this unit, and more practice.

Friday: HMWK due, Quiz!! Topics: acceleration and Newton's laws (don't need to remember which is which, but apply them); Inertia, F=ma, and action-reaction force pairs.  Maybe momentum.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Week of 9-29, homework due Tuesday

Monday we had demonstrations involving static and kinetic friction and prepared for Tuesday's Friction lab.
Tuesday we collected data about Friction (lab day)
Labs are DUE FRIDAY.
Wednesday:  finish notes on Newton's 2nd law, Notes on friction and some inertia / acceleration / free fall demonstrations
Thursday: Air resistance and review problems
Friday: Quiz!  and newton's 2nd law with more math.
HMWK for Tuesday: Read p. 98-103, p.103#2-7

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Week of 9-23

Tuesday:  turn in homework

Notes/Discussion/Demonstrations: Inertia

Answers to HMWK

show new optional assignment:  Forces in 1D  (no, not the boy band)

HMWK due Thursday:  
p.92#10-15,18-20,23-26  (show some work)

Recommended extra practice:

Wednesday:  more Inertia demonstrations and 2-D motion application:  Free Fall and Satellites (notes on the board)
We will draw a few diagrams involving forces at work during acceleration too.

Thursday:  Human graph matching: review concepts of position, velocity, and acceleration with your own bodies.

Friday: Graph matching: RollerCoasters
HMWK due Monday:  Pre-lab for Friction Lab - Lab to be done on Monday, so bring lab journals or whatever you're using to record labs.
Have all the pre-lab work finished and ready to go on Monday, including setting up your data table.  (we will have some class time to brainstorm your procedure, IV, etc. with your group)

Monday, September 15, 2014

Week of 9-15

Notes: Acceleration

Tuesday we reviewed and worked on some ranking task exercises involving change of velocity and acceleration.

Wednesday was the test on density, measurement, conversions and SI, and basic motion.

Thursday:  See test stats; High Score 44/49 possible by a 5th period student.
Curve set to 40 pts.
Check your test, see questions you missed and discuss correct answers.

Notes/demonstrations:  2-dimensional motion; Projectile Motion!!!

HMWK due Tuesday:  Read p. 81-86, p. 86#1-7