Friday, May 23, 2014

End of Year Photos

Grades online should be final.  If you have questions about your exam, etc. I will save the exams over the summer; you can make an appt. to see it this summer or hit me up in August when we're back at school.
Thanks for an awesome year; I am very fortunate to have you as AMAZING students!
Good luck in Chemistry next year; feel free to drop by if you need help and are afraid to ask Pleimann or Greene until you get to know them.
Have a nice, fun, safe, science-nerdy summer.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Waves intro lab; HMWK for Monday, one more optional assignment

Thursday and Friday we'll be working on a wave introduction lab using mostly slinkys - hopefully fun and educational for most - I will help out with "expected" answers tomorrow in class.
Homework assigned for Monday:  Readp.817-822, p. 822 # 1-6... your last homework of the year.
:(  sniff, sniff.
Monday and Tuesday we'll have demonstrations and notes relating to waves and astronomy - sorry that we won't get to more than about 1/5 of our astronomy content this year.... just ran out of time.
Some of my past students are starting an Astronomy Club for next year; be on the lookout for events from them, probably starting with a lunar eclipse watch party in the early morning of Wed, October 8th as long as the weather cooperates.
Textbooks may be returned Monday, Tuesday, or on your final exam day.
One last optional assignment for those wishing to move their grades upward or stabilize their grades before the final:
PHET wave lab simulation

Monday, May 12, 2014

Tuesday HMWK, Astronomy notes, QUIZ TUESDAY

Read p. 796-806, p. 800#1-6, and p. 806#1-6
Due Tuesday

Also Tuesday we will have our Nuclear quiz; review your practice quiz, half-life calculations, alpha, beta, and gamma decay, periodic table application, notes, and the assigned reading homework.

New unit: Astronomy starts today...
Distances in space
Our Sun
Absorption Spectra

Thursday, April 24, 2014


Optional Assignments:
How a Geiger - Muller Tube works
Due (present to class) no later than Wed, Apr. 30)
Three Mile Island and Brown's Ferry Research/Presentation
Present anytime until Fri, May 2
Food Irradiation Research/Presentation
Present anytime until Wed, May 7
Fleischmann and Pons Research / Presentation  (Theoretical Physics!)
Present anytime until Fri, May 9

Today in class:  Meteorology presentations - connection to Air Conditioning
Meteorology Exam

Notes - review the atom, glance over periodic tables, What is Radiation, Radioactive Decay.